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This page contains information and links to the Heartland Region of Western Australia and listed into categories to assist in good planning in whatever activity a traveller, adventurer, business person, family or anyone intends to do in or learn about the region. It is a good "getaway" planning tool for long or short holidays, winter breaks, summer vacations, weekends and even day or half day tours as well as giving you assistance in finding information about places, environment, tourism, business, entertainment, accommodation, festivals, events, attractions, sport, outdoor activities & recreation, etc....

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Heartland Region

Heartland Region

Beverley, Shire of A highly productive broad acre farming industry with a smaller diversified agricultural base
Towns / suburbs:
Bally Bally * Beverley * Dale * East Beverley * Flint * Kokeby * Mawson * Morbinning * Mount Kokeby * Talbot West * Westdale

Brookton, Shire of Renown for local events such as the Old Time Motor Show and the King of the Hill off-road racing
Towns / suburbs:
Aldersyde * Brookton * Jelcobine * Kulyaling * Kweda * Nalya

Bruce Rock, Shire of In the heart of the Wheatbelt, provides an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding regions
Towns / suburbs:
Ardath * Babakin * Belka * Bruce Rock * Erikin * Eujinyn * Kwolyin * Shackleton * Yarding

Chittering, Shire of Beautiful scenery; magnificent wildflowers
Towns / suburbs:
Bindoon * Chittering * Lower Chittering * Mooliabeenee * Muchea * Wannamal

Corrigin, Shire of Predominantly a farming community with cropping and sheep its main industries
Towns / suburbs:
Adamsvale * Bilbarin * Bullaring * Bulyee * Corrigin * Gorge Rock * Jubuk * Kunjin * Kurrenkutten * Lomos

Cuballing, Shire of Council, attractions, sporting clubs & organisations....
Towns / suburbs:
Commodine * Contine * Cuballing * Dryandra * East Popanyinning * Hillside * Lol Gray * Popanyinning * Stratherne * Townsendale * Wardering * West Popanyinning * Yornaning

Cunderdin, Shire of Under Construction
Towns / suburbs:
Cunderdin * Greenwoods Valley * Meckering * Quelagetting * Waeel * Warding East * Watercarrin * Wyola West * Youndegin

Dalwallinu, Shire of A beautiful country shire that offers the tourist many reasons to stay a while, it has a number of cultural and natural attractions
Towns / suburbs:
Bunketch * Buntine * Dalwallinu * East Damboring * Goodlands * Jibberding * Kalannie * Marne * Miamoon * Nugadong * Petrudor * Pithara * Wubin * Xantippe

Dowerin, Shire of Various historic sites and buildings in the townsite
Towns / suburbs:
Amery * Dowerin * Ejanding * Hindmarsh * Koomberkine * Manmanning * Minnivale * Moonijin * Ucarty

Dumbleyung, Shire of Known for its grain and livestock production and various biodiversity industries
Towns / suburbs:
Bullock Hills * Datatine * Dongolocking * Duggan * Dumbleyung * Kukerin * Merilup * Moulyinning * Nairibin * Nippering * North Kukerin * North Moulyinning * South Kukerin * Tarin Rock

Gingin, Shire of The coastal towns are immensely popular tourist and holiday destinations
Towns / suburbs:
Bambun * Beermullah * Boonanarring * Breera * Breton Bay * Caraban * Coonabidgee * Cowalla * Cullalla * Gabbadah * Gingin * Ginginup * Granville * Guilderton * Karakin * Lancelin * Ledge Point * Lennard Brook * Mindarra * Moondah * Moore River National Park * Muckenburra * Neergabby * Nilgen * Orange Springs * Red Gully * Seabird * Wanerie * Wilbinga * Woodridge * Yeal

Goomalling, Shire of The gateway to the central wheatbelt and its main industry is agriculture
Towns / suburbs:
Cunjardine * Goomalling * Hulongine * Jennacubbine * Karranadgin * Konnongorring * Mumberkine * Rossmore * Ucarty West * Walyormouring * Wongamine

Kellerberrin, Shire of Abounds with wildflowers during spring
Towns / suburbs:
Baandee * Daadenning Creek * Doodlakine * Kellerberrin * Mount Caroline * North Baandee * North Kellerberrin * South Doodlakine

Kondinin, Shire of Boasts the tourist attraction icon of Wave Rock
Towns / suburbs:
Bendering * Forrestania * Hyden * Karlgarin * Kondinin

Koorda, Shire of Mostly farming community dedicated to wheat, coarse grains and sheep
Towns / suburbs:
Badgerin Rock * Booralaming * Dukin * Koorda * Kulja * Lake Margarette * Mollerin * Narkal * Newcarlbeon

Kulin, Shire of Economy is based on agriculture
Towns / suburbs:
Dudinin * Holt Rock * Jilakin * Jitarning * Kulin * Kulin West * Little Italy * Pingaring * Walyurin

Lake Grace, Shire of One of the largest agricultural shires in the state
Towns / suburbs:
Beenong * Buniche * Dunn Rock * East Newdegate * Kuender * Lake Biddy * Lake Camm * Lake Grace * Lake King * Magenta * Mallee Hill * Mount Madden * Mount Sheridan * Neendaling * Newdegate * North Burngup * North Lake Grace * South Lake Grace * South Newdegate * Varley

Merredin, Shire of Merredin and the surrounding area are rich in history, which is captured in many museums in this area
Towns / suburbs:
Burracoppin * Goomarin * Hines Hill * Korbel * Merredin * Muntadgin * Nangeenan * Nokaning * Norpa * Nukarni * South Burracoppin * Tandegin

Moora, Shire of Situated on the picturesque Moore River
Towns / suburbs:
Bindi Bindi * Coomberdale * Dalaroo * Koojan * Miling * Moora * Watheroo

Mt Marshall, Shire of Council info, community, places to see
Towns / suburbs:
Beacon * Bencubbin * Bimbijy * Cleary * Gabbin * Karroun Hill * Mandiga * Mouroubra * Remlap * Welbungin * Wialki

Mukinbudin, Shire of "Classic Dry Red"
Towns / suburbs:
Barbalin * Bonnie Rock * Dandanning * Karloning * Lake Brown * Mukinbudin * North Wialki * Wattoning * Wilgoyne

Narembeen, Shire of Main agricultural areas being cereal cropping, cattle and sheep
Towns / suburbs:
Cramphorne * Emu Hill * Mount Walker * Narembeen * South Kumminin * Wadderin * West Holleton * Wogarl * Woolocutty

Narrogin, Shire of Beautiful wildflowers in Winter and Spring and excellent picnic areas
Towns / suburbs:
Boundain * Dumberning * Highbury * Minigin * Narrogin * Narrogin Valley * Nomans Lake * Yilliminning

Narrogin, Town of A progressive thriving rural community
Towns / suburbs:

Northam, Shire of Essentially an agricultural district. The town provide services to surrounding towns and communities
Towns / suburbs:
Bakers Hill * Buckland * Burlong * Clackline * Copley * Grass Valley * Irishtown * Jennapullin * Katrine * Malabaine * Meenaar * Mokine * Muluckine * Muresk * Northam * Southern Brook * Spencers Brook * The Lakes * Throssell * Woottating * Wundowie

Nungarin, Shire of A small but progressive RV friendly town with many attractions for the tourist, especially during the wildflower season
Towns / suburbs:
Burran Rock * Chandler * Elabbin * Kwelkan * Nungarin

Quairading, Shire of Under Construction
Towns / suburbs:
Badjaling * Balkuling * Dangin * Doodenanning * Pantapin * Quairading * Yoting

Tammin, Shire of The economy of the Shire is primarily agriculture based
Towns / suburbs:
Bungulla * Doongin * Tammin * Wyola * Yorkrakine

Toodyay, Shire of Under Construction
Towns / suburbs:
Bejoording * Coondle * Culham * Dewars Pool * Dumbarton * Hoddys Well * Julimar * Moondyne * Morangup * Nunile * Toodyay * Wattening * West Toodyay

Trayning, Shire of Under Construction
Towns / suburbs:
Kununoppin * North Kununoppin * North Trayning * North Yelbeni * South Kununoppin * South Trayning * South Yelbeni * Trayning * Yelbeni

Victoria Plains, Shire of Prosperous agricultural activities, beautiful wildflowers, longstanding heritage
Towns / suburbs:
Bolgart * Calingiri * Carani * Gillingarra * Glentromie * Mogumber * New Norcia * Old Plains * Piawaning * Waddington * Wyening * Yarawindah * Yerecoin

Wagin, Shire of The best reconstruction of a Farming Community in the State
Towns / suburbs:
Ballaying * Cancanning * Collanilling * Gundaring * Jaloran * Lime Lake * Minding * Piesseville * Wagin * Wedgecarrup

Wandering, Shire of Scenic Wandering
Towns / suburbs:
Codjatotine * Dwarda * Hastings * Mount Cooke * North Bannister * Pumphreys Bridge * Springs * Wandering

West Arthur, Shire of A prosperous mixed farming area
Towns / suburbs:
Arthur River * Bokal * Boolading * Bowelling * Cordering * Darkan * Duranillin * Moodiarrup * Trigwell

Westonia, Shire of Stunning natural woodlands, breathtaking granite outcrops, beautiful wildflowers and vast open skies
Towns / suburbs:
Boodarockin * Carrabin * Walgoolan * Warrachuppin * Warralakin * Westonia

Wickepin, Shire of A safe and affordable place to live or retire or just a friendly pleasant place to visit
Towns / suburbs:
East Wickepin * Gillimanning * Harrismith * Kirk Rock * Malyalling * Tincurrin * Toolibin * Wickepin * Wogolin * Yealering

Williams, Shire of Notable for its magnificent display of roses
Towns / suburbs:
Boraning * Congelin * Culbin * Hillman River * Narrakine * Quindanning * Tarwonga * Williams

Wongan-Ballidu, Shire of an ideal chance to enjoy the Western Australian countryside and become a part of the rural lifestyle
Towns / suburbs:
Ballidu * Burakin * Cadoux * Kokardine * Kondut * Wongan Hills

Wyalkatchem, Shire of In spring there is usually an interesting variety of wildflowers and orchids
Towns / suburbs:
Benjaberring * Cowcowing * Korrelocking * Nalkain * Nembudding * Wyalkatchem

Yilgarn, Shire of The Gateway to the Wheatbelt and the Goldfields
Towns / suburbs:
Baladjie * Bodallin * Bullfinch * Colreavy * Corinthia * Dulyalbin * Ennuin * Garratt * Ghooli * Holleton * Jackson * Koolyanobbing * Lake Deborah * Marvel Loch * Moorine Rock * Mount Hampton * Mount Holland * Mount Jackson * Mount Palmer * Noongar * North Bodallin * Parker Range * Skeleton Rock * South Bodallin * South Yilgarn * Southern Cross * Turkey Hill * Yellowdine

York, Shire of Council, services & facilities, local law, community....
Towns / suburbs:
Badgin * Balladong * Burges * Caljie * Cold Harbour * Daliak * Flynn * Gilgering * Greenhills * Gwambygine * Inkpen * Kauring * Malebelling * Mount Hardey * Mount Observation * Narraloggan * Quellington * St Ronans * Talbot * Wilberforce * York

General Info
Goomalling a wonderful place for a Western Australian wheatbelt holiday or day trip
New Norcia Australia's only monastic town
Quairading Vast paddocks of wheat, canola and wildflowers; a sky full of brilliant stars; perfect sunsets; and friendly locals - Quairading
Wave Rock One of Australia's most famous landforms, a giant surf wave of multicoloured granite about to crash onto the bush below - Hyden, Kondinin
York WA Historic town with many tourist attractions and was the first inland settlement in Western Australia


ABC Midwest & Wheatbelt Local features, information, news and weather


The York Society A keen watchdog protecting York's unique heritage values - York

Galleries & Museums

Jah Roc Galleries Furniture pieces combining the best of West Australian natural materials: wood, stone and iron. Fine Art Exhibitions - York

Events, Festivals & Exhibitions
Avon Descent A yearly sporting event that attracts competitors and spectators - Northam
Dowerin GWN Machinery Field Days A serious expo of farm machinery and equipment held during the last week of August each year - Dowerin


Primary & Secondary Schools & Colleges
Edmund Rice College A Year 7 to 12, co-educational college for day and residential students - Bindoon
Goomalling Primary School Caters for students from Kindergarten through to Year 7 with a focus on student centred learning - Goomalling
Narrogin Senior High School A comprehensive senior high school which prepares students for university, TAFE and employment - Narrogin
Sacred Heart Catholic School Provide a comprehensive and varied curriculum to suit a wide range of student needs, interests and abilities - Goomalling
St Matthews Primary School A Catholic co-educational primary school catering for students from Kindergarten to Yr 7 - Narrogin
Woodlands Primary School Parents and carers receive regular, relevant information on student progress - Woodlands
York District High School Delivery of a quality educational program in a rural setting - York

TAFE, Technical & Training Colleges
Western Australian College Of Agriculture Certification for Agriculture, Automotive, Building and Construction, Engineering and Furnishing industries- Cunderdin
Western Australian College Of Agriculture For students with a passion for a career in primary and related secondary and service industries- Narrogin

Sport & Activities
Hoddywell Archery Park Family fun / Public shooting Trails. Caravan Park, Shop - Toodyay
Skydive Express Tandem skydives & 1st jump training
White Gum Farm Aviation Microlight training and recreational pilot facility - Greenhills


Beverley Tourist Bureau Information on attractions, businesses, clubs and accommodation in Beverley
Merredin & Districts (Central Wheatbelt) Visitor Centre Information on local market days, exciting events, museums, accommodation and attractive small towns
Chittering Tourist Association Accommodation, eateries, events, wineries, attractions, surrounding areas....
Dryandra Tourism Animal sanctuaries , farmstays, wineries and heritage buildings in Narrogin, Dryandra Woodland, Wickepin, Pingelly, Cuballing and Wandering
Northam Visitor Centre A complete service to enhance your experience of Northam and the Avon Valley
Pinnacles Visitor Centre Welcome to the Turquoise Coast. Diversity of wildflowers, living stromatolites, beaches, excellent fishing....

Tours, Holidays & Adventures
Windward Balloon Adventures Flights near Perth over the picturesque Avon Valley from April to late November - Northam


Cambinata Yabbies Tour the processing plant and the shearing shed. Purchase live & cooked yabbies - Kukerin
Gingin Observatory Stargazing evenings include an informative presentation in the theatre about our galaxy and solar system - Military Road, Gingin
Gravity Discovery Centre Education and tourism centre. Focuses on the big questions of Life and the Universe - Military Road, Gingin
West Coast Honey View the Extraction of Honey, Honey Ice Cream, Devonshire Tea with home-made scones, stroll in natural Banksia bush - Gingin
Williams Woolshed A nostalgic and theatrical account of the Wool Industry. Cafe, Shop, Visitor Centre - Williams

Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Apartments & Villas, Cabins, Chalets, Homesteads, Farm stays, Camping, Caravan Parks, Bed & Breakfast, Backpackers

Alan and Eve’s Eden Bed & Breakfast. Specialise in country living at its most luxurious best - Lower Chittering
Bindoon's Windmill Farm Farmstay in chalets or rooms in a homestead with many activities - Bindoon
Bedford Arms Hotel Spacious bedrooms with old world charm and modern facilities. Functions - Brookton
Branchy's Holiday Homes Fully self contained accommodation available to suit all budgets all year round - Guilderton, Moore River
Corrigin Windmill Motel Spacious and very comfortable rooms - Corrigin
Faversham House Luxury Retreat & Conference Centre. Rooms are spacious, decorated in individual style and furnished with antiques - York
Guilderton Caravan Park 10 self contained chalets; shady, level powered and unpowered caravan and camping sites - Guilderton, Moore River
Imperial Homestead Four units now restored and fitted with the modern comforts and direct access to our beautiful stone courtyard. Restaurant - York
Ledge Point Getaway A wonderful holiday rental villa available for weekend, weekly or even longer-term rental - Ledge Point
Moore River Beach House Double story house is the perfect getaway for couples or large family holidays - Guilderton
Moore River Holiday Cottage Cottage is adjacent to the beach, idyllic holiday or weekend get-a-way - Guilderton
Moore River Holidays Property accommodates up to 12 people, makes it suitable for two families or a larger group holidaying together - Guilderton
Narrogin Motel Single, double or twin rooms, spa rooms. A-la-carte Restaurant - Narrogin
Nosh & Nod Bed & Breakfast rooms and a fully self contained intimate cottage - York
Orchard Glory Farm Resort 2- or 3-room self-contained chalets in a farmstay holiday resort. Functions - Bindoon
Orchard Villa An ideal place to share with friends, accommodates eight comfortably - Bindoon
Peace Be Still Guesthouse and a fully self contained cottage in a natural bushland setting - Lower Chittering
Pecan Hill Bed & Breakfast that offers a true country experience with peace and tranquillity. Tearoom, Museum - West Toodyay
Settlers House All rooms are nestled around a private courtyard, tariffs include a continental breakfast. Tavern, Restaurant, Functions - York
Tipperary Church A luxury bed and breakfast adult retreat in a secluded rural setting. Gallery, Garden Weddings - York
Toodyay Caravan Park Situated on the banks of the beautiful Avon River and is enclosed in a relaxing, country lifestyle atmosphere - Toodyay
Toodyay Holiday Park & Chalets Large powered or unpowered site or chalets with log fires and modern amenities - Toodyay
Treetops Guest House Wake up and enjoy breakfast with kookaburras and splendid wrens - Lower Chittering
White Dog Farm Merlot Studio Self contained Cottage private getaway - Lower Chittering
Willowbrook Farm Homestead style caravan park with freshly made complimentary scone's, homemade jam and cream - Gingin
Wongan Hills Caravan Park Accommodation to suit all budgets including a group lodge - Wongan Hills
York Motel Singles, Twins, Doubles, Corporate, Executive, Family accommodation with Complimentary Tea & Coffee- York

Branchy's Holiday Homes Caretakers of various homes in Moore River providing accommodation for holiday makers
Sunset Coast Beach Houses A variety of self contained holiday accommodation in Moore River, Guilderton, Ledge Point and Lancelin

(Also check the Accommodation section as most resorts, hotels, motels and inns provide dinning and drinking services to the public)

Breweries & Wineries
Briery Estate Vineyard is producing a variety of excellent classic and new style wines - Bindoon
Western Range Wines Produce wines of extra depth and elegance through varied fruit harvesting and innovative wine making techniques - Lower Chittering Gateways and Directories

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